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In any school yard playground or neighborhood where children gather, you can always point out one child as the leader of the group. Why shouldn't that child be your son or daughter? Tri County Karate Academy is dedicated to the Mission Statement "We Build Leaders", through the disciplined and structured teaching of the traditional Martial Art of Tang Soo Do. Our dedicated instructors, who train steadily in the art, teach with extended knowledge and complete compassion to keep the Art of Tang Soo Do a thriving and giving part of our community. Students are instructed in the three main areas of Tang Soo Do. To maintain mental and physical strength and balance, to become a better person, and self-defense, all are taught in a safe and caring environment, with the students, both youth and adults best interest in mind. The physical training of Tang Soo Do which includes both discipline and structure, improve the young students balance, motor skills, and coordination, and the adult students, muscle tone, cardiovascular activity and body strength. Through focus and concentration in learning of the Art the students self-esteem and confidence grows as each rank is achieved and earned. Self-defense is taught at each level according to age and necessity. Our Child Abduction Prevention program is an added plus in teaching children to avoid dangerous situations. Please take your time and enjoy your tour through our website. Please don't hesitate to contact us at your convenience with any questions or to obtain any necessary information.

Why Tri-County Karate?
Thinking about joining the Martial Arts, but still unsure? We understand. One of the hardest things you will ever do in the Martial Arts is taking the first step, and getting in that door. We realize that there are several reasons that make people a little hesitant of joining, despite their interest. The truth is however, there is simply no reason good enough NOT to come in. Tri-County Karate provides a safe, fun, professional environment for you to train in, which is maintained by our esteemed leadership team! Through our exciting training regimen, we promote health, self-defense, and better person. Regardless of your athletic ability, age, weight, gender, or size, we have something to offer you! Throughout the week we host several classes, broken up by both age and rank. This helps us keep the class sizes smaller, which in turn, allows us to provide more personal attention to meeting your individual needs! This is also advantageous, because it means you will be training with other people who are at the same level as you, and aiming at achieving the same goals!

Still not convinced? Please refer to this list of common reasons we hear for not joining.

I am afraid of getting hurt.
- One of our primary concerns is our students safety! We make sure to perform our exercises at a pace that is challenging, and will give you a workout, but also allows our students to go at a pace that they feel comfortable with. We also always keep close supervision on all students to ensure proper technique, so that nobody gets injured. At no point in any class do we ever require a student to do something that they feel they are not capable of doing... and we always encourage you to go at a level you are comfortable with!

I am too old / too young.
- This is one of the biggest excuses people use to not join. Martial Arts has something to offer for individuals of all ages, whether you are 4 or 84! It would simply be impractical to expect all of our students to perform at the same level, and therefore we set expectations on an individual basis. Martial Arts is a personal quest for self-betterment, not about how you fare against others. Aside from that, we have classes broken up by age, so that you are training with other people who are performing more at your pace.

I dont have time.
- We all have busy schedules to work around! At Tri-County Karate however, we offer several classes throughout the week, in order to provide students with an opportunity to train almost every day of the week! We also make it a point to start and stop our classes right on time to ensure that we do not interfere with other plans you may have.

I dont think I can afford it.
- Tri-County Karate offers VERY competitive rates, compared to other karate schools in the area (and other activities in general), especially considering the training facilities that we provide. Our prices are less than half of what most karate schools around the region charge! Furthermore, we also provide family discounts, which makes the martial arts an ideal activity that the entire family can enjoy together.

I am afraid I'll look/feel stupid.
- We all have felt this way during our first few classes. Any mistake that you could possibly make is a mistake that almost all of us have probably made before! Fortunately, we train in a very positive, supportive and friendly atmosphere where you will not be looked down upon regardless of any mistakes you might make! We are all here to help each other grow in a positive direction.

I tried it before, but it just wasn't for me.
- Perhaps the instructor just wasn't adhering to your personal needs. At Tri-County Karate, we strive to meet the goals of each and every student, and provide them with training to meet each persons specific needs. We also do this in a safe, fun, and friendly environment, so that everybody has a good time.

I am too out of shape!
- What better reason to come in and join? We do not expect you to be Bruce Lee when you first enter the door! That is what we are here for! Regardless of what physical condition you are in, through our intense training regimen, you will get back into shape in a manner that is much more enjoyable that running, lifting, home-gyms, etc. Furthermore, we help you get in shape by providing you with small, obtainable goals which, through time, yield tremendous results!

I am physically disabled or have an impairment.
- Our staff is specially trained in instructing individuals with disabilities. We strive to help students overcome these disabilities through positive reinforcement, and patient, friendly instruction.

I have no motivation.
- We realize that getting motivated to do something difficult and unenjoyable is a very difficult thing to do, especially on a regular, consistent basis! That is why we make our classes fun and enjoyable, and help you set and obtain goals: to make you WANT to keep coming back!

It's too violent.
- One of the biggest misconceptions regarding the Martial Arts is that it is all about fighting. While it is true that we do teach self-defense, fighting is actually a very small part of what the Martial Arts is all about. We are more about creating peace, and harmony within ourselves, and bettering ourselves, than preparing ourselves to defend against others. As we teach in our classes, it is better to learn how to avoid a fight, than to learn how to get out of one.


We offer a variety of classes for childern and adults

Tiny Tigers/Little Dragons

These classes are our highly successful classes geared towards children ages 3 - 8. Run by our team of specially trained, energetic Black Belts, our Little Dragons and Tiny Tiger classes are run much differently than our other classes. With our program, your child will learn respect & discipline, fair play, sportsmanship, concentration, and early leadership qualities. Our program will also improve on basic motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and much, much more.

GUP Program

Our GUP Program is designated for children between the ages of 7 to 12. As with all of our classes, your child will learn respect, discipline, teamwork, as well as develop their social skills and leadership qualities. Regardless of their age, size, or athletic ability, we conduct our classes in a fashion that benefits and challenges each individual student exactly where they need it, while still maintaining a pace that they can keep up with. As your child moves up in rank, they will learn about setting goals and achieving them, while gaining a sense of accomplishment with each new belt.

Adult Classes

Come spend 60 minutes of your time concentrating on YOU. Forget the stresses of what happened that day: at work, school or home. Leave your worries and anxiety at the front door. Turn the negative vibes into positive energy. Not only focus on yourself, but improve your self esteem, confidence, self discipline, perseverance, and the "can do" attitude. These attributes lead to success at school, work, or in any endeavor. TriCounty Tang Soo Do adult class practices basic hand and foot techniques, along with forms (hyung), weapons, sparring, and self defense all of these are part of a Korean traditional martial art. Flexibility, age, experience are not factors in this group. A desire to learn, a positive attitude and respect for one's self and others, is all that is needed for success.

Self Defense

Tri-County Karate Academy is now offering the areas safest curriculum for learning self-defense. With classes available for all age groups, we are constantly committed to improving the safety and wellfare of all citizens in the community. These courses are generally conducted in a hands-on seminar at our facility, but can be custom tailored to fit your needs, and conducted at any location in special circumstances.

The following is a list of our current programs available:

*C.A.P.P. - C.A.P.P, our Child Abduction Prevention Program, is specially geared towards children between the ages of 3 - 8.

*Youth Awareness & Self Defense - This program is geared towards children between the ages of 9 - 16.

*Rape Prevention & Social Awareness - This program is geared towards college aged students, ages 18 - 24.


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Master P does a great job with the kids. Since my son has been taking classes, he has gained confidence and his coordination has vastly improved. He loves going and I love the discipline and respect he is learning!

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